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A Father’s Perspective on Cord Blood

Mark Cuban, father of 3, shares why he believe cord blood banking is so important. His message is to make sure to “do your homework” and check out the benefits of cord blood banking. When choosing a bank, there are many factors to consider and he urges parents to choose cord blood banking if it is a financially viable option for their family.



Hannah Warren, a 2-year-old girl born without a windpipe, has become the youngest patient in the world to benefit from the experimental treatment of growing a new windpipe from her own stem cells. Since her 2010 birth, Hannah has been unable to breathe, eat, drink or swallow.

After learning of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini’s successful trachea transplants, the Warrens felt hopeful for Hannah although worried how they could afford the treatment. Children’s Hospital stepped in and waived the cost for the young patient and in April 2013 Hannah found herself in the nine-hour procedure. The stem cells came from Hannah’s bone marrow which were extracted with a special needle inserted into her hip bone. Once in the lab, the stem cells took less than a week to multiply and create a new windpipe. Early signs indicate the windpipe is working. “We feel like she’s reborn,” said Hannah’s father, Darryl Warren.

Read more about this extraordinary story at the Huffington Post:



Do you find yourself telling your kids those phrases your parents used to tell you as a child? Well you aren’t the only one! Check out what these celeb moms think is the best parental advice they got from their mom. We’d also love to hear  the best advice you received. Visit our Facebook page and share with our online community. You could win free cord blood storage just by sharing your advice!



How To: Stress Less as a Solo Parent

FamilyCord knows parenting is no easy feat. From cooking meals to soccer practice to updating the chore chart, a parent’s work never seems to end. When going at it solo, the task list doubles and may even seem infinite. Well we found some great advice from those on the front lines: other single parents.

Check out their advice and feel free to share your own on our Facebook wall. Swapping advice is a perk of our online family!



Big Moment for Stem Cell Treatments

A big moment for stem cell treatments took place in Kansas. At a ceremony attended by legislators, lobbyists and patients, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill which created the Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center.

Patients thanked the governor at the signing ceremony for the stem cell treatments that saved their lives and expressed their happiness that the center will soon be affording such treatments to an even greater number of people.

Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center will expand ongoing adult and cord blood treatments and become a global clinical and educational resource for cures and treatments. It was a special moment for those in attendance who have stem cell treatments to thank for their recovery, and an even bigger day for the future of stem cell treatments.



FamilyCord has aided thousands of families who wanted to store their newborn’s stem cells for future use. To date, physician have used stem cells from umbilical cord blood in more than 25,000 transplants to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases. However, FamilyCord strongly believes in the future of stem cells and the still-to-be discovered uses of stem cells to help people.

One man who is looking for these uses is surgeon Paolo Macchiarini. He is developing a pioneering stem cell-based transplant technology. Having already transplanted a stem-cell based trachea successfully, Macchiarini plans to recreate more complex tissues. He says, “The aim is to make as much use of the body’s own healing potential as we can.”

To learn more about this breakthrough for future stem-cell use, visit: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2013-02/ki-scb021113.php


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Feel Fabulous While Pregnant

When you are pregnant, it can seem like everyone has advice for you. Actually, usually everybody does. Your mom, your best friend, your manicurist, even your mailman! With so much information, it can be a lot to digest.

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Meet Andrew. An 11 year old boy that his mother, Maureen, describes as “already perfect”. Andrew was infused with his own umbilical cord blood stem cells in order to help his spastic cerebral palsy.

He is just one of many children that are part of ongoing trials at Duke University and Georgia Health Services. These trials are using cord blood stem cells to treat children with cerebral palsy. To this point, the results have been very encouraging.

While each child’s case is different, parents, such as 3 year old Allison’s parents, have reported improvement in speech and movement ability. Allison was one of the first participants in the trial and was infused with cord blood stem cells in 2012. In regards to choosing cord blood banking, Allison’s mom, Erica,  summed up their decision with, “my husband and I feel it is the greatest gift we could provide our child.”



Spring is here! With it comes sunshine, flowers and unfortunately, some seasonal allergies. FamilyCord wants to make sure your little ones avoid the discomfort that these allergies can bring. It can be difficult to determine between the common bug caught during a play date or a seasonal allergy that requires special attention.

Parenting.com has a comprehensive list of 7 signs that can help you determine if your child is allergic in order to determine the best course of action with a physician. Take a look!