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Cord Blood Transplant Breakthrough

Cord blood banking is important!

We are happy to share the news that a team of researchers from the MD Anderson Cancer Center have come up with a new way to make stem cell transplants more effective in patients with leukemia, lymphoma and other blood cancers and disorders.

As we know, transplanting cord blood instead of bone marrow or peripheral blood has several advantages, among them that the cord blood doesn’t have to be a perfect match for a patient.

With the new method, researchers have manipulated one batch of stem cells in patients to undergo a double transplant. By doing so, they share they have seen “much more consistent, solid [development], and people needed less transfusion.”

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Cord Blood Awareness Month

We hope you have enjoyed reading our articles, watching the videos and learning about cord blood. While we dedicate this month bringing awareness to all expectant parents about cord blood, we are always here to answer any questions you might have about cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.

Also, make sure to check back for more updates on cord blood news throughout the whole year!


Two Ways to Protect Your Child With Stem Cells

With FamilyCord, expectant parents have the option of two ways to protect their growing family. In addition to offering our cord blood services, we also offer cord tissue services. Cord tissue provides a greater number and variety of stem cells, which increases the potential to treat a broad range of diseases with regenerative therapies.

Learn more about the cord tissue option in this video: http://www.kidsinthehouse.com/video/stem-cell-uses-cord-blood-vs-cord-tissue


Cord Blood Saves Lives

Noah, a 3-year-old boy born with myelodysplastic syndrome, will be the first to received a cord blood transplant in Arizona. After trough finding a bone marrow match, Noah’s mother Nancy was hopeful for a cord blood match. His relatively rare disease usually comes with a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years.

Luckily, Noah did indeed find a match and will be receiving the stem cell transplant.


Cord Blood Matching for Family Use

2-year-old diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia receives stem cell infusion from newborn sibling’s cord blood. The newest family member was match for his ailing brother. Father of the boys is very thankful to the doctor who treated his son who has been recovering well.


Cord Blood Matching for Family Use

Many parents want to know if the cord blood they saved for their baby can be used to treat other family member. Check out this informative video on the process of cord blood matching for family use.



Cord Blood Awareness in Politics

This year the New York Senate passed a bill to promote public awareness about the benefits of cord blood banking. Thanks to bills such as this one, we hope cord blood banking is introduced to all expectant families so they too have the option to save these life-saving cells for their bundle of joy.

New York’s bill will creates a public umbilical cord blood banking program within the department of health to promote public awareness of the potential benefits of public cord banking, to promote research into the uses of cord blood, and to facilitate pre-delivery arrangements for public banking of cord blood donations.



What are the chances of needing cord blood?

While cord blood has lifesaving potential, many wonder what the probability of using these stem cells is. Take a look at this video which breaks down what the chances are of the cord blood being used.



What is Cord Blood?

Cord blood is a rich source of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). HSCs have two important features: they can renew themselves and they can create different types of specialized blood cells. Stem cells are the “building blocks of life” that regenerate and form all other tissues, organs, and systems in the body. To date, physicians have used stem cells from umbilical cord blood in more than 25,000 transplants to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases.

For more information, please see: http://www.familycord.com/cord-blood-overview/treatable-disease-list.


Happy Cord Blood Awareness Month!

At FamilyCord, we believe that choosing to store your baby’s cord blood is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a parent. We want to make sure that you make a well informed decision and continue to learn more about cord blood and stem cell developments once you have stored. This month we’ll be bringing you some informational articles, videos and links about cord blood. Make sure to share with your expectant friends and family.

Please see:  http://www.cordbloodawareness.org for more information.