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Cord-Blood Engraftment with Ex Vivo Mesenchymal-Cell Coculture

Check out this new research from the New England Journal of Medicine:

Poor engraftment due to low cell doses restricts the usefulness of umbilical-cord-blood transplantation. Researchers hypothesized that engraftment would be improved by transplanting cord blood that was expanded ex vivo with mesenchymal stromal cells.

The study’s findings support the hypothesis that transplantation of mesenchymal-cell–expanded cord blood shortens the time to neutrophil and platelet recovery after transplantation in adults. The transition from family-member–derived mesenchymal cells to unrelated STRO-3+ mesenchymal cells significantly increased the clinical feasibility of our strategy without compromising cord-blood expansion.20 Whether the differences that we observed will hold up remains to be proven in direct head-to-head comparisons.


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